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How to become a member:

1) Read Statutes below

2) Download and fill in the Application form (doc format)

3) Print and sign your application

4) Bring your application along with a membership fee


  1. Name
    Person Center z.s. (also Prague International Center for the Development of the Person, z.s.)
  2. Aim
    Reinforcement and promotion of the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) in Czech Republic and surroundings using several languages. Offer of activities for the development of the person and ongoing education according to PCA.
  1. Objectives
    1. Create synergy of person-centred actors.
    2. Create supporting environment for the PCA practitioners.
    3. Supply information service.
    4. Organize conferences, courses and trainings.
    5. Promote production of publications.
    6. Offer individual and group counselling and psychotherapy.
    7. Other objectives fitting to the aim of the association.
  1. Means
    1. Offering space,
    2. meetings,
    3. information about activities,
    4. library
    5. all means considered as useful.
  2. Seat
    Radlicka 2487/99, Praha 5, 150 00
  1. Membership
    1. Founding members: Persons having assisted to the founding assembly.
    2. Active member: Qualified persons for the activities of the association.
    3. Ordinary member: Any physical person or legal entity interested in person-centred activities.
    4. Rights and duties of members:
      1. All members are obliged to participate in the interest of the association.
      2. The members have to pay a membership fee fixed in the bylaws.
      3. Members have right to be informed about the activities of association.
      4. Founding members have a power of veto. A minimum 2 of them have to agree on the veto to be valid.
      5. The association doesn´t administer any list of members.
  1. General Assembly (GA)
    1. General assembly is composed by the members of the association.
    2. The GA is the decisive organ of the association.
    3. The GA fixes the bylaws on proposition of the Board or a group of members.
    4. Only active and founding members have the right to vote.
  1. Board
    1. Only active and founding members can be members of the Board.
    2. The Board consists of a minimum of 3 persons (chair, treasurer, secretary). Other members can be elected by the GA.
    3. The members of the Board are legal representatives of the association and can act autonomously.
    4. The Board represents the association according to the directives of the GA.
  1. Property
    1. Property of the association consists of:
      1. Membership fees.
      2. Contributions, donations, grants etc. from state, legal entities and natural persons.
      3. Financial means obtained from activities of the association.
      4. Any other income according to the aims.
    2. Property management belongs to the Board and it is controlled by the General Assembly.
  1. Association ceases to exist:
    1. By decision of an extraordinary General Assembly.
    2. By reasons given by Civil code (Občanský zákoník 89 /2012 Sb.).

Statutes were approved by founding members on August 18, 2015, Prague.