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A new Counselling Training in the Person Centred Approach will start in October 2021. Training language … [Read More...]

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The existing Encounter Group starts meeting again on 26/8/2021 at 18h. We are open for new members Encounter … [Read More...]

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If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed … [Read More...]


In the Person Center, there you can find:


  • to hire
  • to use for free


PCA Information


The Person Center offers the following rooms for renting:

Therapy room

The 9 m² Therapy Room can be rented for individual meetings, counselling or therapy.

The room is equipped with comfortable arm-chairs.

The daily rent is 500 CZK and the rent per hour 100 CZK.

Permanent rental one day during several months: 1600 CZK per month.

Play therapy room

The 18 m² play-room is intended for play-therapy sessions and equipped with specially chosen sets of different toys, children’s furniture and play mat. Adult chairs are also available.

The daily rent is 600 CZK and the rent per hour 110 CZK.

Training room

The 18 m² Training Room is available for any lecture, group therapy, meeting or training. The room is equipped with chairs and flip chart stander.

The daily rent is 800 CZK and the rent per hour is 150 CZK.

The Person Center offers the following room for free:

It is possible to use the team room for exploring the PCA library or for meetings regarding organization of PCA events, possible cooperation and getting information.

It is free of charge, but needs to be arranged in advance (see: Contact)


The collection consists of books and journals from the field of PCA that has been brought together by founders of the Person Center, PCA Institut Praha and other cooperating persons and institutions. The publications are in English, Czech, Slovak, German and French. All of them are available for reading on site or borrowing free of charge (however rules apply). You can explore Library’s catalogue and get more information about it here.


Person Center is the space where you can start your contact with PCA, deepen it or realise it in practice. Dedicated people are here to answer your questions and to meet you if you:

  • are interested in collaboration,
  • would like to clarify any issue regarding activities and services we offer
  • are looking for a therapist with some specified skills
  • are looking for other people in PCA for realising some initiative
  • would like to contact someone from the field
  • are you are interested in what we do and want to take a look

You can always contact us – see Contact for more information on how to get to us.