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Body Encounter Group

Bodywork group


For 15 years, Willi Rös has been developing a Specific Body Approach within the framework of the Rogerian Person Centred Approach.

He wants to create a space where you can live your Being by appealing to the wisdom of the body and meeting others in a similar movement. For this he proposes an Encounter Group, but without (or with only a few) words.

Do you want to explore and take ownership of this “tool” so rich and yet hardly known by us: our body and its way of expressing itself, its language?

You will find the possibility of a full, entire encounter, not distorted by intellectualizing words. You can be who you are in the depths of yourself, in connection with others.

We will focus on ourselves, meet the other and listen to our impulses and our fears to find ourselves in the reality of existence.

The words will only serve to define and maintain the framework by the facilitators and also, where appropriate, to link and assemble the experience. But the experience will be bodily, not in the words.

We will shortly present ourselves and then, step by step, supported by introductory exercises, come to free expression of what is happening to everyone in every moment.

The group will start when sufficient requests are expressed


Facilitation:                Willi Roes
Language:                   English (low level of English is possible)
Cost:                            600 CZK. Depending on your possibilities, we can discuss and adjust this rate to make the participation possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions:


+420 736 770 991

Person Center, Radlická 99; 150 00 Prague

(Metro B station Radlická, Tram Line 7, station Škola Radlice)

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