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My name is Hanna. I have been practicing and learning Hatha Yoga for more than 7 years now.  I am certified Hatha Yoga teacher.

I think that movement is life. The more we are in motion, the more healthy physically and in harmony with our emotions we are. And this is why I am fond of Yoga. It brings together the perfect healing movements and peace of mind. Regular practice develops our physical and mental strength. This generates ability to be more satisfied and happy with our life.

I warmly welcome you to join my private yoga lessons. I will share my knowledge and personalize the Hatha Yoga practice plan specifically for your needs.

You will practice:

1.  Hatha Yoga asanas (poses for body muscle strength and flexibility);

2.  Pranayama techniques (mindful and proper physiological breathing);

3.  Meditation (ability to concentrate and free   your conscious mind).

First lecture is discounted and costs 390 CZK. The further lectures price is 900 CZK.

The lesson lasts 1 hour and 20 min.

Before the lecture start, I will discuss your needs, your previous experience and provide all necessary details.

Call me: +420 608 442 777

Write me:’’