PCA Training

A new Training in Person Centred Approach will start in spring 2021 … [Read More...]

Encounter Group

the existing Encounter Group starts again on 3/9/2020. We are open for new members Encounter Group.   … [Read More...]

Participants about passed training

If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed … [Read More...]

Discovery of PCA Training

The discovery Training is actually only proposed on request.

Introductory training

This training will help you to get an inside perception of the PCA. You will experience the specific counselling, group-work and personal requirements and challenges. In the end, you should be able to decide if you want to take part in the long-term counselor training.

Access without condition

Working language: English for foreigners

Price: 5200 Kc (discounted/student price 4000 kc) for 4 days

Trainers: Daniela and Willi Rös