PCA Training

A new Training in Person Centred Approach will start in spring 2021 … [Read More...]

Encounter Group

the existing Encounter Group starts again on 3/9/2020. We are open for new members Encounter Group.   … [Read More...]

Participants about passed training

If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed … [Read More...]

Counsellor Training

Long Term Counsellor Training (38 days x 3 years)

  • Group starting in spring 2021

Training Program Content

Please note that the main principle of training is experiential: learning by your own needs and experience.

  • History and Theory of the Person-Centred Approach
  • Exploration of personal motivations, needs and experience concerning the training, application and PCA orientation.
  • Group experience: realise basic attitudes in real group situation
  • Listening exercises and confrontation of own skills with PCA techniques
  • Exploration of theoretical concepts
    • PCA attitudes
    • Theory of the personality
    • Theory of therapy
    • Theory of change
    • Theory and definition of psychological disease
  • Personal learning and professional perspectives

Organisation Year 1

  • Complete introductory week (7 days)
  • Monthly week-ends (10 days)
  • Complete week (7 days)
  • Monthly week-ends (8 days)
  • 6 online half-day sessions (3 days)
  • Annual closing session (3 days)

Similar structure for the second and third year

Trainers: (click for more information)

  • Other trainers for specific topics

Training language: English for foreigners. That means that you do not need a high level.

Price: 6 500 registration fee plus 3 500 monthly over 11 monts. Discounted price possible

Access condition: Experience in self-development, personal therapy or introductory training. A personal meeting before the training will be necessary.

For more information, please contact us at or call 00420 736 770 991.