Training in Person-Centred Counselling

Person Centered Approach – Carl Rogers

Are you a


educator, manager, psychologist, student, teacher,

or private person

interested in personal development


Learn how to:

– improve your communication techniques

– feel stronger in difficult situations

– solve conflicts and deal with emotions

– enhance your personal development.

The training covers the key counselling techniques based on three core PCA conditions:

– Authenticity

– Empathy

– Unconditional positive regard.

Includes practical samples, role playing, discussions, sharing experience.

3 levels of Training:

  1. 4 days discovery (optional, on request)
  2. 3 years counselling training
  3. 1-2 years therapy training.

All participants get a counselling certificate and can continue in a next step in PCA certified therapy training. Training will be led by international lecturers. Courses will be conducted in English (intermediate level is sufficient and translation will given if necessary).

Person Center Prague, Radlická 99, Praha 5 (more details on Contact page)


Daniela Šiffelová Rös
Willi Rös


For more information please contact:

Tel. 736 770 991

Number of participants limited.

You can read what out participants said about past trainings here.