PCA Training

A new Training in Person Centred Approach will start in 2019. It begins with discovery days in autumn … [Read More...]

Encounter Group

the existing Encounter Group starts again on 5/9/2019. We are open for new members Encounter Group.   … [Read More...]

Play Therapy Training

A new Play Therapy Training is starting in January 2020. Inscription has started. Get all information … [Read More...]

Participants about passed training

If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed … [Read More...]

Study Group

A study group on the Person-Centred Approach – dates will be specified.

Any interested person is welcome.

Our aim is to deepen our knowledge about the PCA theory and learn more about e.g. the latest opinions on the key concept (such as actualizing tendency, nondirectivity, presence, or relational depth), critical reflections, new schools or new concepts in the personality theory and psychopathology, …

Meetings: 1 in 14 days in the evenings (will be specified)

Price: contribution for room rent and snack (will be specified according to number of participants)

Please contact us at: