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Play Therapy Training

We  have organised a

Person Centred Play Therapy Training

which started

on 19th– 21st of January 2018

to be followed by a further training program over 4 more weekends in 2018
(2-4.3.; 20-22.4.; 15-17.6.; 5-7.10.2018)

Theme of the training: experiential PCA Play Therapy Training according to the approach of Michael Behr, the most influential European therapist and trainer in the field. Participants will discover and practise specific ways of resonating interactively in person-centred ways to different types of play, self-awareness in play, process indicators, links with person-centred theory, contracting with parents and supporting them, ethical issues, supervision…

How should I play with this child? What is therapeutic?

It is the first session. The child is looking at me expectantly: What should I do?

The child wants to throw a ball at the window. What limits are important?

How did the session go? What should I say to the parents?

Did our child tell you about what happened at school today? What can I tell the parents?

The child wants to climb onto me and kiss me.  What is the right distance?

I am feeling negative about this child. What is happening inside me?

I wonder whether this therapy is effective. What is happening in the relationship?

I must prepare a meeting with the parents. What is the child working on?

Nothing has changed at home. How long is this going to take? How do I know this is therapeutic for the child?

Play therapy is magic! How does play help children find their own resources and grow?

He sleeps better now. How does play help children reduce levels of anxiety?

Everything seems fine with this child. He is very sweet and helpful with me.  How do I know I need supervision?

The child is playing strange games. How far must I keep confidentiality?


Trainers: Sandra Pedevilla, an experienced trainer and supervisor from France, authorized by the founder M.Behr, trainee trainers: Gražina Kokešová Kleinová and Daniela Rös Šiffelová

Price: 3500 Kč (each weekend workshop)

Training attestation: a certificate of attendance and, under specific conditions, a certificate in person centred Play Therapy

Requirements for participation:
language requirements: ability to understand slowly spoken English (help with the terminology or translation into English at disposal)
psychotherapy or personal development work experience

Please pre-register here to receive detailed information.
The formal registration have started in July 2017. Places are limited.

Contact person in Prague: Daniela Rös Šiffelová 737 274 328,