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Sharing Therapy Experience

Organised by Person Center and Společnost pro vzdělávaní v PCA


In this group we will exchange about our experience of therapists around specific topics.

We will talk in English, translation is done to Czech.

Each month a different central topic is proposed. Willi will give an introductory presentation, then the group will exchange about the topic. The introduction will be very experience-oriented with practical examples.

These evenings are for professionals of any helping profession and students.

Fees: professionals 500 CZK, students 300 CZK, interns free

Registration: By email or phone 736 770 991 at least two days before.

Date: No actual date fixed. Please contact us if you are interested

Former topics as examples:

  I love my clients, are they my friends?

To push or not to push, that is the question!

How far can and may I be authentic?

Empathy, compassion, pity, commiseration, sympathy…interesting words