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Focusing Training

The Focusing Training is supposed to introduce you to the spirit and techniques of Focusing by Eugene Gendlin. 


What is Focusing? 

Focusing teaches you to identify and change the way your personal problems concretely exist in your body. It consists of steps of felt change. Unlike methods that stress “getting in touch with your feelings,” there is a built-in test: each focusing step, when done correctly, is marked by a physical relief, a profound release of tension. Focusing guides you to the deepest level of awareness within your body. It is on this level, unfamiliar to most people, that unresolved problems exist and only on this level can they change. 


It is possible to use Focusing as: 

  • a self-therapy technique; 
  • independent therapy method; 
  • as a specific occasional technique within your classical therapy approach. 



Details of the training 


Beginning and duration 

The training starts on the 9th of March 2018 at 9:00 and will end at 18:00. The group will meet on 7 Fridays throughout the year and will work on theory, practice, experience and own questioning. The following dates are: 

13th of April 

11th of May 

22nd of June 

7th of September 

12th of October 

30th of November 



The location is the Person Center in Radlická 99, Prague 5 (Metro B Radlicka or Tram 15 station Škola Radlice). 



The training will be in English. Aware of the fact that not all of us are at ease with this language, we will repeat and translate if necessary to make sure that every participant understands.  


Participants and group size 

Practicing psychotherapist or trainees of PCA. The maximum size of the group is 14 participants. 



There will be an opportunity for a second year focusing group supervision. 



Willi Rös 



Each participant will get a participation certificate in the end of the training.  



Meetings are going to cost 1500 CZK/day. Please pay by cash or bank transfer two weeks before each session begins to Equa Bank, 1021630989/6100, IBAN: CZ2461000000001021630989. 



In order to register please follow the link. 

If you have any questions or require more information please contact us on