PCA Training

A new Counselling Training in the Person Centred Approach will start in October 2021. Training language … [Read More...]

Encounter Group

The existing Encounter Group starts meeting again on 26/8/2021 at 18h. We are open for new members Encounter … [Read More...]

Participants about passed training

If you are considering taking part in some of our trainings or groups, read what participants of passed … [Read More...]

For professionals

We propose specific services for professionals: psychotherapists, counsellors, helping professions, teachers, educators, wellness actors and any professionals in contact with people.

Sharing Therapy Experience

In this group we will exchange about our experience of therapists around specific topics. We will talk in English, translation is done to Czech. Each month a different central topic is proposed. Willi will give an introductory presentation, then the group will exchange about the topic. The introduction will be very experience-oriented with practical examples.
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The person-centred approach bases supervision on the PERSON of the therapist, not only on the techniques or the clients’ diseases. The latest researches on effectiveness of psychotherapy prove that the quality of the relationship (or the experience of the therapist) largely determines the result of therapy. That is why the supervision which we propose might be interesting for practitioners of any relational psychotherapy: we work on the way how you construct this relationship.

We offer individual or group supervision.
A group for confirmed psychotherapists or beginners will start on demand

Praxis Analysis

Any helping professional can find a space to talk, think and analyse professional situations with us. Our multiple experiences in different positions in institutional work services give us a large understanding of various situations. Here we work on concrete situations and search solutions. If you work as a teacher, social worker or other professions with high level of human relationship, we can build a group or personal sessions about your specific field.

Training in human relationship and counselling

We propose trainings for helping professions. Naturally they are based on the person-centred approach.

Here are the informations for the 2019/20 training.

Psychotherapy for therapists

Professionals need specific ongoing therapy during their lives. It can be very useful to have an experienced therapist with sufficient distance and awareness of psychological “games” which could prevent from real work during the sessions. We have good experience in therapy with professionals and would like to offer you this possibility.

Hire therapy rooms

You can hire a therapy room, a training room and a room specially prepared for play-therapy.